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Design Tips

We've seen a lot, so we know a least about headcover design!

Color Selection

Let's say your colors are red and black and you have golf bags that are primarily red.  You might want to make your headcovers in black so they coordinate as opposed to having them done in our red fabric since it probably won't be an exact match to your bag's red fabric.  Coordinating colors works especially well if your logo features a lot of the primary color of your golf bag (e.g. red in this case).

Fleece Color

Your fleece color should contrast with the "top" or "main" color of the headcover.  And, while white does eventually show dirt, it looks particularly good if that is a school color.  Black fleece works well, too, and looks good in an all black headcover.

Logo Detail

If your logo is intricate, or otherwise would not work well at 3.5" wide, give serious consideration to using a portion of the image such as the head of a mascot as shown below.  Don't worry, we won't be bashful about helping you can get the best looking result!

Logo Colors

Your logo likely features your primary color and you may want to use that color as your main fabric color.  Typically, we will (again, not bashful!) either put a surround color on the embroidery to separate the colors or let the fabric show in the logo.  Below is an example where the logo is green and so is the main fabric.  It looked best to simply embroider the outline and let the green fabric be the green of the logo.  We will always do what looks best -- we take great pride in our work and in our work looking fantastic on your bag!

Player Names

We have found it best to use first or last name -- not both -- so that the letters can be closer to 1" in size for better readability.

Squad Colors

If your school has multiple varsity teams or you want to differentiate JV and varsity --  e.g. say a "Green" squad and "White" squad -- consider making each team's headcovers in their squad name color with stripes in the other as seen below.

Here is an example where the head of the bulldog makes a much more striking headcover.

Letting the fabric be the main color in a logo.

Different colors for different squads.

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